Abducted is a feature film about a a teen age boy’s quest to save his sister from the clutches of a serial murderer.

Daughters of the Wolf

A one hour serialized television show that
offers magic, action, romance and the
dynamics of family life in a dramatic crime

The Horned Serpent Trailer

The Horned Serpent and the Thunderbird have been battling over the human race since the beginning. The Horned Serpent is on the hunt; beginning with some of the most vulnerable in our society.

A Raven’s Song

Daniel Denault faces poverty, racism and inner-city violence as he races against time to obtain the life-saving medicine his grandmother needs before it’s too late.

Raven’s Adventures

Legendary Myths is a series of short films featuring adaptations of aboriginal myths from various First Nations’ cultures. The first season is entitled Raven’s Adventures.

The Audition PSA

This Public Service Announcement is based on  one of International Human Rights Advocate Stephanie Harpe’s tips on staying safe in an audition or photo shoot.